Developer SUPPORT

Technical Information for Developers

This section is targeted at manufacturers who are integrating or considering integrating CobraNet into their products. For information available under NDA, please visit sales support. See also our CobraNet Third Party Development Partners page.

If you are having trouble finding answers to your questions in any of the below documentation, drop us a line.

  • Developer FAQ — Common questions and answers about the process of integrating CobraNet Technology into an audio product.
  • Hardware User’s Manual — This document is intended to help hardware designers integrate the CobraNet┬« interface into an audio system design. It covers the CS1810xx and CS4961xx members of the CobraNet Silicon Series of devices as well as the CM-2 module.
  • Programmer’s Reference Document — This document provides a comprehnsive reference for programmers with the information you need to work with CobraNet to integrate the technology into an audio product.
  • Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) — For network control and monitoring of CobraNet enabled products. An SNMP agent is included within the CobraNet firmware. This agent allows network and audio I/O aspects of the product to be remotely monitored and managed. The agent can be extended to include product specific functionality such as preamp gain control.
  • 96 kHz Sample Rate Support — Examine interoperability, implementation, and the hardware interface for 96 kHz support.
  • Low Latency Audio Support — Information on the latency modes supported by CobraNet.
  • OEM Developer Products — Information on Cirrus Logic’s product line of ICs, modules and reference designs.